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Mr. John Miller
Mr. John MillerConsultant

“Just a world that we must all share
It’s not enough just to stand a stare
Is it only a dream that there’ll be
No more turning away”

(Pink Floyd- On Turning Away)

These are the words Mr. Miller, pioneer, creator, visionary lives by.  Mr. Miller is invited on many national platforms, often as keynote speaker to share his knowledge about CBD and cannabis.  

When a close family member passed away with cancer, Mr. Miller’s life’s pursuit has been to rid the world of cancer through CBD and the cannabis plant.  He chose not to “turn away” and instead chose to be an integral driving force of this goal.  He initiated several highly complex, cannabis industry-altering patents to ensure big pharma’s inevitable participation and influence would not be able to hinder the cannabis research necessary to find the antidote to cancer.  His real life trials on cancer patients thus far indicated that adjoining certain combinations of cannabinoids, taken from the cannabis plant at a very specific time can and will effectively kill many kinds of cancer cells.  Although the answer is in the plant, the  answer is also mired in a massive, jumbled matrix of cannabinoid combinations that only intense research can effectively decipher.  His goal is to raise funds and start a cancer-drug research facility and Miss Hwang shares this vision.  

As the successful current owner and co-owner of five bustling CBD fully funded companies, Mr. Miller is always busy. He only slowed down one special afternoon to talk with Miss Hwang, as they share this common goal of raising funds for a key PHD research team and state of the art cancer research lab, as there will be “no more turning away” to the epidemic of cancer that plagues our society today.  

Based out of the high desert in CA, Mr. Miller is an essential part of our CBD Dream Team as he just doesn’t bring the dream, but he has the knowledge, expertise, secured patents, and connections to making it a reality.