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Mr. Landin Butterfield
Mr. Landin ButterfieldConsultant
As a proud 5th generation Oregonian from the Applegate Valley, I understand the hours and sweat that rural farming requires. Growing up working the family cattle ranch, I worked alongside my family and neighbors.
My experience with cannabis began in the late 90’s. I started with one plant hidden deep in a valley behind my house. I quickly expanded after my first season. Back then information was not readily available, so I slogged through lots of trial and error. I read any book I could find. I still recall the excitement of growing my first 1lb plant. Eventually I met and befriended other farmers and we were able to pool our experience for even more amazing results; I learned a lot about teamwork in ad hoc groups.
As years passed, I watched small outlaw farms turn into larger medical farms; and eventually huge recreational farms. I returned to southern Oregon in 2014 and I immediately was able to put this experience to use within my professional community.
I became a manager at Applegate Soil and Hydroponics in Medford and reconnected with the local cannabis culture. I focused on the soil shop and independent consulting. By trial and error I developed a robust program for building and running commercial cannabis farms.
I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing fields that went unused for a decade getting returned to production. Hemp is the natural progression in commercial agriculture. It offers farmers more options in crop production and rotation. In addition to its immediate value as a cash crop, it is a solid rotational choice for established farmers.
I began working with hemp farmers in 2017 in preparation for the 2018 farm bill. It became quickly apparent that the established methods of cannabis cultivation required heavy modification to deal with the new scale of production for hemp. My ranching background gives me context to meld existing cannabis cultivation experience with commercial agricultural practices.
In 2018 I planned, built, and ran a 40,000 sq ft. hemp flower processing plant. This system processed and stored over 60,000 pounds of CBD hemp flower. We had no loss to mold or environmental issues.
In 2019 I cultivated, harvested, and processed 220 acres of industrial hemp in Klamath Falls. I also oversaw the build out and operation of a 60,000 sq ft. biomass drying facility. We processed approx. one million pounds of CBD hemp biomass to date in this facility. I remain a student of the profession.