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CBD Leadership & Associates


We are a professional, accomplished, and eclectic Cannabis Consulting with more than 20 years of combined experience in the Cannabidiol (CBD) hemp cannabis industry.  Founded and led by Miss Esther Hwang, we provide timely, up-to-date information and expertise in this burgeoning, exciting, but complex market space.  We combine our significant and specific knowledge with an extensive network of exclusive national and internationally recognized cannabis industry experts to help you build the infrastructure to succeed in the CBD industry.

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Miss Esther Hwang, J.D.
Miss Esther Hwang, J.D.Founder & CEO
Mr. Ed Wicker, Esq.
Mr. Ed Wicker, Esq.Lead Attorney - Legal Counsel
Mr. Casey McCracken, Esq.
Mr. Casey McCracken, Esq.Attorney - Legal Counsel
Mr. Landin Butterfield
Mr. Landin ButterfieldConsultant
Mr. John Miller
Mr. John MillerConsultant
Mr. Craig Holliman
Mr. Craig HollimanExecutive Protection
Mr. Rick Jew
Mr. Rick JewEngineering